A’s Legitimate New + Used Tires was built by Jeremy O’Day and family and continues to be run by them and their team on a daily basis. Family is a driving force for Jeremy which is why he is so dedicated to taking care of yours too. 

A’s has been in business since October 3rd, 2012 and they have worked hard to become one of Indy’s most reliable used tire businesses. They are a licensed and insured team and take business seriously! Customers come from all over the state and even neighboring states to do business with us. 

Our shop is low-key. We aren’t a fancy epoxy floor showroom, because we are too busy taking care of our customers to worry about aesthetics. Our customers are happy and continue to send us their friends and family, and THAT is why A’s does what they do. 

We would love to become a part of your family too and become your go-to tire experts when you need us most. Come by and see us, and let us know how we can serve you.