Let’s say you just drove out of our shop with a brand new set of tires in Indianapolis, and you’re curious about how long they’ll last. We don’t have a definitive answer for you, but what we do know are the things you should avoid if you want them to stand the test of time. At A’s Legitimate New & Used Tires we strive to not just give you great tires and service, but also some education along the way. Are you ready to learn about how you can prolong your tire lifespan? 

Track The Road

Your tires are often the first point of contact for anything that stands between you and an accident. Swerving to miss things like debris can have equally devastating impacts on you or your car. Our first suggestion is to stay focused far out ahead of you. Unwanted tire damage can often be solved by simply detecting something in the road hundreds of feet in front of you. 

When Avoiding is Impossible

If something sneaks up on you in the road, a pothole, steel plates, or other debris like tree branches, do your best to slow down. We find pumping the breaks lightly to alert drivers behind you will not only make them perk up but is also a courtesy that they too are in the path of potentially damaging debris. If you can slow down, you will have a better chance of not getting a tire puncture or doing unnecessary damage to your rims or other wheel mechanisms. 

Do a Tire Check

After driving over unwanted debris, make sure you do a spot check of your tires. If you have gotten a puncture or worn down the sidewall of a tire, you’ll at least know you need to get it taken care of quickly so as not to end up stranded. Try to view the tire from as many angles as possible and do your due diligence. 

Avoid These Things if Possible

TREE DEBRIS – It might not seem like a big deal but this kind of debris wears tires down faster. 

POTHOLES – We didn’t need to tell you this but it makes the list because it’s just about the most damaging thing to your tires on the road. 

METALS – Nails, screws, and other construction materials impacts just about anyone with a car at some point in their lifetime. If you drive through a construction zone do a post-drive tire check. 

GLASS – The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning glass because it’s going wreak havoc on your tires. The trouble with glass is that it results in slow leaks, so you won’t know you have one until you get in your car to head to work in the morning. 


Be Prepared

Tire trouble impacts us all, and it’s best you’re covered in the event you get stranded. Check with your car care company for a roadside program, and if you aren’t covered, invest in AAA. You won’t need AAA until you need AAA. (Murphy’s Law) As always, we invite you in to get yourself new tires in Indianapolis or to find a good quality used tire in Indy to get you back on the road.