What is the first place you look to gauge how your tires are wearing? The treads right? Well, this is an important factor to consider when trying to figure out whether or not it’s time to replace your tires. Unfortunately, this is where most people start and stop their evaluation. An incredibly common issue, especially with the Indianapolis Winter roads and construction season, is the inside portion of your tires. That’s right, the part you can hardly see.

Bad Tire Culprits

What’s also lurking under there is a problem with your ball joints, tie-rods, and hub bearing that can also cause some significant damage to your tires. Whether these parts are literally touching the tire and wearing them down, or whether they are causing an alignment issue forcing your tires to compensate… these are just some of trouble brewing with your tires. In fact, sometimes you won’t even know it’s all happening.

Another common issue is the slow leak leaving you at the gas station every week or two. What doesn’t seem like a bad problem today, can turn into one if it causes a blowout on the freeway tomorrow. Slow leaks can be repaired and protect the longevity of your tires. This is a far better option than paying money every week to refill them with air. Often… there is a broken seal or the tire valve stem is damaged, or sometimes it’s a simple as lime building up around the rim causing separation. These are relatively simple issues you can have repaired today.

What to do With Those Rough Tires

If you’re not super excited about filling your tires up in the fridged cold or you’re not about to ruin your work clothes laying on the ground checking out the inside of your tire before you set out… let us do the gritty work. We have been voted the best-used tire shop in Indianapolis for a reason. Our customers love us because we love our customers first!  No appointment needed… just stop by.