Indianapolis Car Club Directory

It’s Winter in Indiana… and most of us who love cars, car shows, and all things racing and automotive are likely feeling a little lost this season. As you count the days down until you can take your beloved out of the barn, we wondered if you knew about all the local car clubs in Indiana?

Car clubs are a classic way to connect with fellow car lovers and are likely a throwback to your younger years as you followed your dad or other friends around at these gatherings. They are the epitome of community and we thought how great it would be to make sure you knew about them.

The Classic Corvette – Corvette Indy

Indy has a Corvette club for those who have committed to the passion and drive of Chevy. (Psst… have you seen the new 2020 on the road yet? Wowza!) The Corvette club in Indy is very active and meets on the first and third Monday of Every Month. You can attend these meetings anytime January through November. This club has been around since 1989 so you know it’s filled with some amazing Corvette enthusiasts.

The Muscle of Mustang – Mustang Club of Indianapolis

This club was established in 1978 and has an active membership. If you love the giddyup of the mustang you will certainly find your people in this group. They welcome all Mustang makes from classic to new models. In 1987 the club took on a regional membership allowing members access to more events and fans.

The Nostalgia of the Z – Indy Z Car Club

The one thing Z owners all know, this is car following is loyal and diehard. The local chapter has a strong affiliation with the national Z Car club so you’ll have access to shows, road and driver events and a thick membership that meets once a month. Members also get VIP access to the international Z Car convention.

Italian Stallions –  The Indiana Italian Car Association

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Fiat or a Ferrari… all owners and enthusiasts are welcome at this car clubs events and meetings. Who would have thought that Indiana would have a club like this, but it exists and you’ll have plenty of people to chat with about your vehicle and resources for it.

A Haven for Imports – Indy Import Auto Club

If you own a foreign label, then you’ll want to join the ranks of this awesome car club. The link will take you the facebook page of this club where events are posted, but more importantly, all the import car photos to boot. This is a casual group where anyone would feel welcome to participate.

Rocket Launchers – Indy Sports Car Club of America

The name says it all but the one truly unique thing about this club is the variety of their events. Not only will you have access to a club and membership but this club holds driver-focused gatherings so you can learn more about how to drive with horsepower and gain some new skills along the way. There is likely never a dull moment with these folks!

Beem Me Up – Hoosier BMW Car Club

This club has an impressive membership with a growing 700+ local chapter that is part of the national organization with over 75,000 members. Wow. The link will take you to the Hoosier chapter where you can more about local events and national BMW news. They are a welcoming group and they don’t care how old your BMW is or how fast it might (or might not) drive.