It is estimated that $30-million are spent on used tires every year! That is a significant figure. With so much money being spent on the used version rather than the new version, are buying used tires a good thing to do?

Everyone has an opinion about the validity and safety of buying used tires, and while doing so may help your bank account, there are definitely things to consider when opting to buy used. As a professional used tire shop in Indianapolis, IN… here is what we can share on this topic.


When Used Tires Are a Good Decision

Used tires are a good decision for those who are not only trying to save money but might also be eco-conscious. Used tires are going to cost you a lot less than new tires and can offer you a great alternative when you’re in a financial crunch. Also, tires are tough to dispose of and have an environmental impact that can be irreversible if not handled by professionals. When you purchase from a qualified and licensed business, buying used can be a fantastic way to save money and be mindful of your environmental impact.

When Used Tires Are a Poor Decision

One of the most significant issues with used tires is their safety considerations. These tires have been on the roadways for unknown hours, and you might be unaware of their history or if they’ve been compromised somehow. Some used tires can appear to look fine but upon closer examination, the cords might be falling apart, the seals could be broken and so on. This can leave you vulnerable on the roadway and can have a devastating impact if you’re not aware of the problems.

How to Purchase Used Tires

The only way we suggest you buy used tires is if you work with a reputable reseller. This reseller should be diligent about looking over their tires, examining them, and repairing them only if applicable.

At A’s Legitimate Used Tires, we examine our tires and know our suppliers well. We know where our tires come from and have established a process to ensure our used tires meet our safety requirements and your expectations. We take your safety seriously and have a personal responsibility to ensure we give you the best tire we can and the best price-point.

Not all used tire shops are created equal and we certainly have seen our share of atrocious tires coming from other places. Ask plenty of questions to your reseller and don’t be afraid to inspect your “new” used tires and point out flaws. While you place your trust with used tire shops, not all of them have the same sense of accountability as we do. Ask your questions until your satisfied with their answers.

Some of the things we look for in our used tires:

• Where did they come from

• How is the tread

• How do the cords look, are they exposed at all

• Investigate for beads damage

• Search for liner damage

• Is there delamination from the steel belt

• Are there any punctures visible or previously patched

• How old are they to begin with


Of course, if you’re not sure what to look for or are confused as to what makes a good or bad tire, we would be happy to help. A’s Legitimate Used Tires welcomes you anytime and we offer both used and new tire options.