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INDIANAPOLIS, IN – December 6, 2014 – Indianapolis residents are likely asking themselves if they need new tires on their vehicle before Mother Nature shares her winter wonderland with central Indiana. The immediate follow up question being, “Can I afford new tires?”

It’s no secret how expensive new tires can be when outfitting a vehicle. According to Modern Tire Dealer statistics…. The average price of a passenger car tire is $126.00 / tire. (Light trucks avg. $179.00) The top three tire manufacturers’ in the world made over $82 billion in new tires in 2011, which gives a whole new meaning to burning rubber!

The alternative to purchasing new tires is to buy used, however, are buying used tires a good buy?

“Our $15 tire has roughly 40% tread left, some more. If the tire is a 50k mile tire at 40% tread, that’s 20k miles left on that tire….. which is more than the estimated yearly use of a vehicle. For four tires it costs $84.20 (non-matching- for a matching set it costs $105.60) which is less than a quarter of what you pay for new ones, and have half the life of new ones. So you could buy 4-to-5 sets of used tires for what you could new.”

Jeremy O’Day — A’s Legitimate Used Tires, LLC

MEDIA OPTION: A’s Legitimate Used Tires wants to help your audience understand how to determine whether or not they need new tires and compare and contrast in purchasing new vs. used depending on what is best for the consumer and their vehicle. Jeremy O’Day of Legitimate Used Tires, LLC can bring examples (tires) to a LIVE interview to illustrate good and bad tread life, talk about when a consumer should consider buying new or used and talk about the facts and fiction of buying new or used tires.

This is a very simple (nuts and bolts) type of consumer driven story to dispel the myths from facts about how to purchase tires for a vehicle. This story will be well received by audience members due to the time of year (winter) and due in large part to an economy that is still clearly struggling. A’s Legitimate Used Tires, LLC is a natural local resource for news and information outlets all over central Indiana in their quest to finding solid and accurate information about tire care and safety.

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